Throwback Thursday

How fun is this picture of students enjoying the NC State Fair!? We love that our campus is located in the heart of Raleigh and allows students to hop over to the fair after classes. With the fair in town this week, we’d love for you to share a favorite fair memory with your Meredith sisters.

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  1. I’m not sure this is coming through the way you want it to come — it doesn’t show any photo of State Fair — just ads — that’s what shows when I open the email. I’m sure I could click again and go somewhere else but surely this isn’t what you want us to have to do……

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  2. My previous reply was a mistake and was suppose to be a private message. Thank you for the post and memory!

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  3. Got this email this morning and brought back a memory of one year (freshman/sophomore?) hitching a ride back to school with a highway patrolman? Couldn’t do that today!!! Such a special time with ya’ll!

    Nancy, loved seeing you yesterday and thank you for being there, giving me several hugs, even one from Mary! Mary, felt your thoughts, and it was so crazy after her service-so glad you had Wells and didn’t have to make that drive. My sister and her husband drove almost 3 hours, and we basically said hello! Oh well, I know she enjoyed seeing my friends and running into her ex sister-in-law! Connie is so sweet and doesn’t change! 💕Love you both and thank you, Nan 😘

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