Emmy Award-Winning Alumna Visits Meredith

When documentary filmmaker Brenda Hughes, ’70, spoke at Meredith College on February 26, she started her talk with a surprising confession: “I am the last person from my class you’d expect to be standing up here.” Hughes shared her journey from being a decidedly average high school and college student to becoming a highly successful... Continue Reading →

Meredith hosts Southern Smash

Meredith hosted the nonprofit group Southern Smash on March 25th for the third year in a row.  Southern Smash aims to raise eating disorder awareness and promote positive body image. Students spent the morning decorating weight scales and then smashing them to pieces with baseball bats. Program coordinator and Meredith Alumna Elizabeth Friedman, '16  says... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Carlyle Campbell Library

On Founders’ Day this year, the library staff hosted a celebration to acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of the Carlyle Campbell Library building. In 1969 the library moved from Johnson Hall to its current site. To help with moving all the books across campus, students, faculty, and staff were given the day off. The day is... Continue Reading →

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