Fast Facts: Hospitality Management Program

Did you know that we have a new major? Meredith College’s new hospitality management major prepares students to pursue careers in this exciting and rapidly-growing field. With three concentration options, an ideal location in Raleigh, N.C., top-level accreditations, and a track record of success for women, this video explains why Meredith’s program should be at... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Study Buddies

With classes back in session and Angels around campus hitting the books again here is a look back at friends outside of Carlyle Campbell library in the 1970's. Did you prefer studying at the library or in your dorm?

Fast Facts: Meredith Mentors

Have you heard about Meredith Mentors? Our new online mentoring platform will connect the internal and external Meredithcommunity to support the personal and professional development of our current students, alumnae, and alumni. With over 23,000 alumnae and alumni around the globe, we know that our Meredith College network is STRONG! How do we harness that strength to ensure that... Continue Reading →

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