Where in the World: Shearon Roberts, ‘76 in Haiti

For the past three years, I have had the privilege of working with a grassroots, all volunteer organization called Mission MANNA.  Mission MANNA is a North Carolina based organization that provides medical care for malnourished children and continuing healthcare education for adults in and around the Haitian town of Montrouis, which lies north of Port... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Week!

This week's photos were taken from the 2005 edition of the Oak Leaves.  The unnamed students celebrate their class' 105th night, a special event marking 105 days until graduation.  The tradition changed slightly last year when the class of 2010 decided to push the event to the spring semester.  They celebrated 10th night rather than... Continue Reading →

Denver, Colorado Alumnae Chapter

On Saturday, April 16th, members of the Denver Chapter of the Meredith College Alumnae Association met for a brunch at The Lobby in downtown Denver.  We were very excited to have two new faces in the crowd--Sandi and Wendy.  We mostly chatted, reminiscing about our experiences at Meredith and excitedly discussing how great it would... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Meredith, Annie Ross Hartford!

It is with pleasure that the Class of 2011 announces the senior class doll: Annie Ross Hartford. This young woman’s name is of special importance. Her first name, Annie, hails from our senior Cornhuskin’ skit’s lead character who brought us all together for one last dance.  Her middle name is in honor of our class... Continue Reading →

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