Meredith Magazine Expands Online Presence

In the Spring 2021 issue of Meredith Magazine,  the College announced that an enhanced digital publication would be available to readers beginning in summer 2021. While the magazine has previously been available online, this revamped version offers a more immersive experience, with interactive multimedia content and more videos in an eminently shareable format. The College... Continue Reading →

Ms. 2021: Gwendolyn Daisy Ad Astra

The class of 2021 was inducted into the Alumnae Association on Wednesday, April 14. After a year of living and learning vitrually, students were able to gather together on campus to celebrate this exciting milestone. During the ceremony, Class Doll Co-chairs Haley Ivey and Grace Clougherty introduced the class to their doll. Haley and Grace... Continue Reading →

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