The Little Black Ring That Binds Us All

On Friday, October 19, 2018, the Class of 2020 joyfully placed their onyx rings on their fingers. The Young Alumnae Board has given a ring to one eligible student for the past 17 years. The 17th Annual Class Ring Essay Contest winner’s essay is shared below.

Growing up, I always loved to watch my grandmother get ready. She would curl her hair, apply her lipstick and perfume, and lastly, she always put on her jewelry. I’ll never forget the first time that I saw an onyx. At eight years old, as I watched my grandmother get ready I saw her take it out of her jewelry box and slide it on her finger. When I asked her what that ring was she replied, “It’s my special ring! I got it when I was in school at Meredith and everyone that graduates gets one. It’s called an Onyx. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have one!” I didn’t think much more of it until I got to high school and began to see some of my teachers wearing the same ring. They were each so proud of their Onyx and would beam with pride over Meredith. That’s when I began to realize it must be more than just a ring. Throughout my time at Meredith, I have come to realize that this is true. However, the Onyx stands as the symbol of all that Meredith College is and all that we as Meredith women strive to be.

The Onyx is…

The little black ring that binds us all,

A little black ring but that’s not all,

A symbol of lux, the light that we seek,

A symbol to wear proudly because Meredith women are anything but weak,

We wear it facing ourselves knowing that one day,

It will face the world like us, with much to say,

For wherever we may go,

It’s comforting to know,

That when an onyx is spotted,

We as sisters are knotted,

With a bond as deep and strong as us all,

A bond between Meredith women who are proud and stand tall.

written by Ellis Ashley Hudson, ’20

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