Fast Facts: The Meredith Poll

Housed in the Department of History, Political Science, and International Studies, the Meredith Poll asks North Carolinians their opinions on a variety of public issues. In addition to asking citizens about current political and social issues, the Meredith Poll is the only North Carolina survey research organization that focuses on issues pertaining to women. The Meredith Poll was launched... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday

Having just celebrated the Class of 2021's Ring Dinner last week let's look back at the Class of 2001's Ring Dinner 20 years ago. What are your favorite memories from when you received your ring?

Here’s What’s Happening

October 26 – Dallas (TX) Chapter Event October 27 – Foothills (SC) Chapter Event November 1 – Homecoming Kick-off Happy Hour November 2 – Homecoming Picnic, Cornhuskin' Parade, Cornhuskin' Main Event November 10 – Central Wake Chapter Event November 11 – Networking Angels and Meredith Mentors Event November 14 - Wine & Watercolors hosted by... Continue Reading →

Fast Facts: The Faculty Distinguished Lecture

This past Monday evening, October 7, 2019, Dr. Diane Ellis presented the 2019 Faculty Distinguished Lecture. The Faculty Distinguished Lecture was designed to represent a significant achievement of research by a faculty member. The first lecture was presented in 1964 by Professor of English Norma Rose. Diane Ellis presented the 58th Faculty Distinguished Lecture. To read... Continue Reading →

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