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For many years, former Meredith staff members B. J. Yeager, ’47, and Lois Renfrow led trips to New York City during spring break. These mid-to-late 1960s students are dressed, packed and ready for adventure. According to the November 17, 1966 student newspaper, the group will “fly to New York via Eastern Airlines on March 23. Reservations have been made at the Manhattan Hotel where the group will stay until March 28. During their stay the girls will attend several Broadway plays, eat at famous restaurants, shop, and participate in sightseeing excursions.”

On Friday November 19, 2010 a group of 46 Meredith alumnae and guests will depart for a three day trip to NYC.

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  1. I loved this photo as it reminded me of our trip to NY (either in 1956 or ’57) with BJ (who was from my hometown, Hickory, & shared her newspaper with me after she read it) and Lois. We didn’t fly, but took the train, and although I had been to NY earlier with my family, this was an exciting adventure. I remember we saw “My Fair Lady” 5 weeks after it opened on Broadway, ate dinner at Mamma Leoni’s, rode the Staten Island Ferry, and walked in the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue, among other things. We were there for Easter, but we also had snow. This is one of my favorite memories. Thanks for printing this photo.

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