Where In The World

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Nelly Navarro-Britt, ’99 at North Pole, Alaska in May 2020!

play (2)

Chatham Fralix Kildosher, ’99 and Nelly Navarro-Britt, ’99 at the play The Mountaintop about MLK, Jr. in Oklahoma City February 2015.

MCcollage with text

Mary Elizabeth Armstrong, ’08, and Caitlyn Riner, ’08, traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to serve on a Medical Mission Trip in the city of Ocosingo. They served over 500 patients who were mostly Tzeltal, one of southern Mexico’s indigenous people groups. They also were able to visit the Mayan ruins, Tonina!


Chatham Kildosher, ’99 and Nelly Navarro-Britt, ’99 in front of the Survivor Tree at the OKC Bombing Memorial.

emily a

emily b

 Emily Ahrens ’12 on a recent visit to Sydney, Australia.




Karen Nipper North, ’93 on a western Mediterranean cruise in
June 2012.



Marissa Knott, 08, & Caitlyn Riner, 08, traveled to the small village of Matzam in Chiapas, Mexico with First Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach this past July. This trip was a service trip focused on helping to finish Templo Filipo and the Compassion International Office.

Liz McLean, ’08 at the Maclean ancestral home for the 100 year Clan Gathering & Celebration.
Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland

 Katie Rogers, ’93 and Melody Yow, ’99 on a trip to Key West.  Katie and Melody met during the 2010 Meredith College NYC Alumnae Trip.

Shearon F. Roberts, ’76 on a recent volunteer trip to Haiti with Mission MANNA.

Nelly Navarro-Britt, ’99 and Chatham Fralix Kildosher, ’99 at Montpelier in Orange, VA.

Deanna Harris ’90 and her daughter in Washington, DC.

Susan Ames Webster ’00 and her husband in Easter Island in Chile.

Amy Newsom Kennedy ’98  and Karen Edwards Proctor ‘98 in London, England.

Jasmine Hart ’97 at the National Education Association Representative Assembly in New Orleans.


If you’re an alumna with an upcoming trip and would like to request a “Where in the World” shirt, please email us at alumnae@meredith.edu and we will send you a shirt to wear on your trip!

To Submit pictures for the Where in the World photo album, please email us at alumnaeblog@meredith.edu. Please keep in mind that due to space limitations, we will only be able to post Meredith-related images on the Photo Albums.  Thanks!

Please be sure to include names, class years and any other pertinent information.

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