Photo of the Week

Saturday Night

Meredith College students say good night to their
dates on a Saturday evening — before curfew, of course! This photo was taken
in the early 1960s.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

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  1. This photo brought back a ton of wonderful memories. The curfew must have been midnight, per the caption on the photo. Our Sat. night curfew was 0100. Those were thee days!

  2. Yes! I believe that is Vann breezeway. I also think those might be my healthy calves peering out from that pleated wool skirt

  3. Vann Breezeway, followed by a mad scramble to “sign in”. How sweet it was – the breezeway lovin’, not the signing in.

    MFP, Class of ‘1963 (I believe this photo appears in our 1963 yearbook.)

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