Photo of the Week

The above photo shows students from the class of 1999 competing in the dizzy bat race at Stunt. This year's Stunt was held on April 10th and gave students the opportunity to relax, release stress, and have fun during the spring semester.

Photo of the Week!

These unidentified students are competing in the three-legged race. The main event of Stunt was usually the skits, each class with its own theme. The skits usually included songs and occasionally orchestral accompaniment. Recent events have included Flour Power, Halo Chase, Tug of War, Lip Sync, Egg Toss, Sponge Toss, Balloon Toss, Bat Spin, and... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Week!

Students compete in the Tug of War during Stunt. The Meredith Recreation Association has sponsored the annual Stunt competition since 1915.  Stunt promotes class unity through class competition, creativity, and fun. Recent events in Stunt have included bat spin, tug of war, lip sync, balloon toss, limbo, egg toss, sponge toss, and a three-legged race.... Continue Reading →

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