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  Old Main Building: The original campus of Meredith College, then known as The Baptist Female University. It was finished in time to open for the University's first session in Fall 1899, and was located on the corner of Blount and Edenton streets. It was designed by A.S. Bauer, who also designed the Governor's Mansion... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Week

Meredith's first graduating class, in 1902, has become known as the Immortal Ten. At Commencement in 1902 nine B.A. degrees and one M.A. degree were awarded by what was then called The Baptist Female University. In addition, that day one diploma in music, two diplomas in art, one certificate in music and two certificates in... Continue Reading →

Raleigh Blog Writes About Meredith’s Old Campus

A local Raleigh blog, Goodnight Raleigh, wrote a blog post titled "Raleigh's Own Castle" about Meredith's old campus in January 2009.  The blog post was recently discovered by a Meredith alumna.  She then posted the link to the website on the Meredith College Alumnae facebook page.  The Goodnight Raleigh blog has some wonderful images of... Continue Reading →

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