Goodbye Wonderland, hello real world!

In the words of 2013 class president, Michelle Cox, "I have been told by many alumnae that this moment should not be a moment of lasting goodbyes but of forever hellos.  It is time my friends, it is time for us to turn our rings to face the world.   Time for us to put into action that... Continue Reading →

Meredith Graduates Well-Positioned for the Future

As commencement approaches for Meredith’s Class of 2013, there are many indicators that this year’s class is well-positioned for successful futures. The success found by the previous graduating class is one such indication. In this survey, over 90% of Meredith’s Class of 2012 was either employed or attending graduate school within 9 months of graduation.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Beyond the Back Gate!

Today we are proud to announce the launching of our brand new Meredith College Alumnae blog, Beyond the Back Gate. It is our hope that this blog will make you think, laugh, and maybe even cry.  We hope that through stories, photos, and articles you will feel a renewed connection to our beloved Alma Mater. Everyone... Continue Reading →

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