Strong Story: Ellie Jones, ’20

Religious and ethical studies major Ellie Jones, ’20, views learning as a lifelong experience - so it’s perfect that after graduation she will continue her studies at the University of Montana in Missoula, where she will pursue an M.A. in environmental philosophy with full funding and a teaching assistant position in the program. Ellie had a... Continue Reading →

Strong Story: Barbara Diamond, ’20

When Wings student Barbara Diamond, ‘20 came to Meredith, she thought she might study food and nutrition, but then she found herself in a chemistry class. By the end of her first semester, she had been approached by Sasha Ormond, associate professor of chemistry, about becoming a chemistry major. Her first response was “Why?” Barbara laughed.... Continue Reading →

Alumna Strong Story: La’Na Holden, ’19

La’Na Holden, ’19 M.Ed., strongly believes in practicing what you preach. So much that she returned to school to obtain her M.Ed. because she often tells her students to always be willing to grow and learn. “I needed to model that mindset of being a lifelong learner,” said La’Na. The Wendell, N.C., native chose Meredith’s... Continue Reading →

Strong Story: Cinthia Arreola, ’21

In pursuit of her double majors of Biology and Spanish, during her sophomore year, Cinthia Arreola, ‘21,  took Advanced Spanish Translation Practice with Associate Professor Kevin Hunt.  Taking the course turned out to be a more life-altering decision than she could have imagined. She always had a drive to help her community, but this course... Continue Reading →

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