Meredith Mentors Student Profile: Anne Robinson, ’20

Meredith Mentors Student Profile: Anne Robinson, ’20
Wings student Anne Robinson, ’20, is majoring in communication and was the Meredith Marketing social media intern in 2019. She learned so much during her internship and she loves the empowering community that Meredith has given her.
Meredith Mentors: How have our faculty made an impact on your student experience?
My professors have become my support system here at Meredith. They know my background and my Meredith journey. They are always there to help me solve problems and cheer me on.
MM: Why did you join Meredith Mentors?
I wanted to use this opportunity to connect with alumnae and other members of our campus.
MM: What are you looking to gain/what have you gained by using the platform?
Several people have posted their resumes for review, and reading the comments on the posts has been helpful as I edit my own resume.
MM: What is your favorite tradition? Why?
I have two. I love Cornhuskin’! I love seeing how all the classes come together and put on such amazing performances. As a freshman, it helped me make new friends that I still have today. I also really love Alice in Wonderland. It is so fun to see Meredith’s faculty and staff outside of their normal situations, being a little bit silly, and having fun!
MM: If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would now tell your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior self?
I think I would tell my freshman self to relish her new experiences and the excitement that being a freshman brings. Also, I would tell my sophomore and junior self to go to class every day, even on the days that you REALLY don’t want to.

Have YOU signed up for Meredith Mentors?
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