Facilities Team Completes Campus Improvement Projects

When Meredith transitioned to remote learning this spring, most students, faculty, and staff started working and learning from home. The less populated campus provided an opportunity for Meredith’s Facilities Department to complete a variety of projects to improve the appearance of buildings and grounds.


These projects include cleaning outdoor signage, doing touch-up painting, and more. Two of the most visible projects are repainting the speed bumps on campus streets and enhancing the commuter parking lot with new gravel. In a typical year, these projects would have to be squeezed into the brief times between when students leave for the semester and summer programs begin.

President Jo Allen painting hand rails

Other campus community members have supported these projects, including President Jo Allen, who has been helping paint handrails near Belk Dining Hall. Allen said having this project has been a nice addition to her presidential responsibilities and has been a time to clear her thoughts after hours of planning.

Professor of English Rebecca Duncan has also pitched in to assist the Grounds Department with some gardening.

“I am really enjoying the work, and a fringe benefit is a very knowledgeable ‘boss’ in Grounds Manager Aaron Schetter,” Duncan said.  “I’ve always loved the beauty of the grounds, and now I’m finding out how Aaron and his team keep it going.”

Lower Belk Dining Hall Doors

The campus enhancement projects have happened alongside essential work that Facilities Department team members perform to keep the campus clean and in great working order. In addition, Housekeeping has been focused on increased cleaning and sanitation, including establishing protocols that will be in place when students, faculty, and staff return to campus.

This article was originally featured in the May 20, 2020 edition of Campus Connections.  Campus Connections is an internal communication published by Meredith College Marketing Department.  

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