Fast Facts: Career Planning

Students and recent college graduates across the country are feeling stuck. They are seeking jobs, internships, and professional experiences during a pandemic which has turned the economy and work upside-down. Many are unsure what their next steps are. The Office of Career Planning (OCP) has a few opportunities that students and graduates who are feeling stuck or unsure may find helpful:

In partnership with StrongPoints, OCP is launching a coaching program to provide recent graduates structure and support to move toward their career and professional goals. Recent graduates are invited to sign up for a four-week jumpstart to their post-graduation plans. The four appointments will begin with a goal setting and planning conversation followed by a strengths coaching session. The final two appointments with a career coach will focus on specific goals such as resume writing, crafting a personal statement, interview preparation, networking, etc. Once the program launches on May 18, graduates can start whenever they are ready by signing up for an appointment via Handshake.

Rising juniors and seniors are also feeling the pressure of the shrinking economy. Students seeking some structure to their exploration and search are being offered a special course in the fall semester. Instructed by Jane Matthews, Assistant Director, Employer Relations, and Flannery Clair, Career Development Coordinator, CPS 301 is a hands-on, 1 credit, half-semester course that will engage students in focusing on their futures. Students in CPS 301 can expect to build their professional brand, connect with potential employers, and gather cutting-edge insights on the future of work.

As a reminder, career services are available to alumnae for a lifetime. Contact the Office of Career Planning at or (919) 760-8341 for more information or to schedule a consult.


This post was derived from an article written by Katie Peterssen, Assistant Director, Career Development, and originally published at

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