Throwback Thursday: A Timely Note

In these days of toilet paper “issues,” this note from “Miss Dandridge” preserved in the Class Box of 1965 will possibly resonate! How funny that someone thought to save this. We wonder if they knew something the rest of us didn’t? 😉

Who was Miss Dandridge?

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Timely Note

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  1. Miss Dandridge was one of my favorite people! She was the dorm room inspector, and she left reports in the rooms after her random inspections. I got a stellar report every week, because our room was so clean and neat, and she liked me as well as I liked her. One time during my sophomore year when I was away, my suitemates messed up our room, pulling clothes out of my drawers, unmaking my bed, and even dumping the trash can contents on the floor. Then they made a fake report card and signed Miss Dandridge’s name, with a sad note saying how disappointed she was in me. Of course, I knew it was all fake, and it is one of my favorite Meredith memories. I apologize to each roommate/suitemate whom I annoyed by my early onset OCD.

    Grumbles, class of 1967

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