Get Ready for Mayhem!

Since 2011, The Meredith Fund has held a competition between the classes of each decade known as Meredith Mayhem. While its format has changed over the years, Mayhem encourages alumnae participation in annual giving, regardless of the gift’s designation or size. But this year so much has changed in our world, and the need is greater than ever.

Meredith Mayhem 2020 begins May 1 and will run through June 30. Due to the changes in the economy brought on by the pandemic of COVID-19, we are asking alumnae to participate by making gifts supporting the College’s Greatest Needs.

While more substantial portions of the operating budget come from tuition and the endowment, unrestricted gifts to Meredith’s Greatest Needs fund are essential to the financial health of the College and must be renewed every year. These funds support all of the immediate needs of the College like Impact Scholarships, service learning, study abroad, academic departments, faculty development, campus grounds and facilities, and Presidential priorities. With the changing landscape across our globe, Meredith College’s needs are shifting. The flexibility these funds provide is critical for the ability of the College leadership to prepare, react, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

The above is an excerpt from a letter written by Erin Cleghorn, director of The Meredith Fund.

Meredith Mayhem will continue to be a fun, friendly competition between classes. If you are able, consider making a gift to the College’s Greatest Needs at

We hope you are all staying well and we cannot wait to see you in-person again soon! Thank you for helping keep Meredith #GoingStrong.


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