Celebrating Student Achievement

By the time they graduate, 51% of Meredith students conduct undergraduate research in partnership with faculty mentors. Each year, students present their research on Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day, an annual event dedicated to presenting and celebrating their hard work.

We encourage you to take some time today to check out the great work our students have accomplished, and reflect on the community that helped contribute to their achievements.

You can view this year’s event at the link below:

Student presentations, performances, and awards ceremonies here:
Virtual Celebrating Student Achievement Day 2020 Channel

Program booklet

Read more about the benefits of participating in Undergraduate Research on the Meredith Admissions Blog: https://www.meredith.edu/admissions-blog/why-you-should-add-undergraduate-research-to-your-list-of-reasons-to-attend?fbclid=IwAR1ak_P4zJgWA2YyDCWKAaHej7i-3joksGwSCf3W_tjoCHsG3940-AqqRQ4

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