Ways Meredith Alumnae Support Recruitment

Greetings from the Office of Admissions!

During our January ARMS Outreach Week, there were 19 alumnae who reached out to 311 high school juniors in N.C. and our Mid-Atlantic/Northeast regions encouraging them to visit campus and highlighting our new Impact Scholarship. Thank you to those alumnae who helped during this outreach week! During our spring outreach week, there were 23 alumnae who e-mailed 396 admitted students who had not visited campus/registered for Experience Meredith encouraging them to schedule their visit!

Go ahead and mark your calendars for our Discover Meredith event this fall on Saturday, October 17 where alumnae are encouraged to bring prospective students to campus. More information and registration to follow later this year!

Alumnae Recruitment – Refer a Student to Meredith!

Remember, if you know a student who would be a great fit for Meredith, don’t forget to refer her via the online referral form. When the student applies to Meredith during her senior year, her $40 application fee will be waived. You can also find our “Friends of Meredith College Application Fee Voucher” online. Either one of these referrals will waive a student’s application fee when she applies.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at amlambert@meredith.edu with your questions or suggestions!

Going Strong,
Anna Lambert, ʼ09
Office of Admissions

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