Meredith Mentors Student Spotlight: Emma Lampe, ’20

Emma Lampe, ’20, transferred to Meredith College from NC State in the fall of 2018. Emma will graduate from Meredith this December with a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations as well as a minor in Professional Writing. She is originally from Smithfield, North Carolina, but considers Raleigh her second home. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking, listening to podcasts, and exploring the Raleigh community with friends and family.

Meredith Mentors: Are you involved in any student clubs or organizations? If so, how did those extra-curricular experiences shape you?

I joined the SGA elections board during my first semester at Meredith, and it’s impossible to imagine my time here without that experience. I’ve met friends through the board, learned that I am capable of being a leader, and was guided through the Meredith traditions by some of the most involved people on campus.

MM: If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would now tell your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior self?

I would tell my freshman self that non-STEM fields are valuable. I started college in a STEM program, which worked against my natural strengths and abilities in nearly every way.

MM: As a liberal arts institution, we produce well-rounded alumnae thanks to a curriculum that requires you to take courses outside of your major and minor fields of study. What is one course that you took that was not within your major but has been beneficial to you in your professional life?

I’m so appreciative that Meredith asks that we take up to the 205 level of language classes. I have taken Spanish courses at various points in my academic career, but the Meredith Spanish classes have clicked with me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. While I don’t have enough time to pursue a Spanish minor here, I know I will continue to learn and practice Spanish after graduation.

MM: How do you think your Meredith experience prepared you for life beyond the back gate?

Because Meredith is such a supportive and welcoming place, it has enabled me to take more risks than I would have before I came here. I speak up in class more, challenge myself academically, and take on leadership roles. Before I came here, I subscribed to the mindset that someone else will step up, and they’ll do a better job than me. Since coming to Meredith, I have learned that the strengths I bring to the table are just as valuable as someone else’s.

MM: Why did you join Meredith Mentors? What are you looking to gain by using the Meredith Mentors platform?

I joined Meredith Mentors to get more exposure to the different fields and professions I could join once I graduate. I still have many questions about what I want to do professionally, and I’m excited about any opportunity for professional development. What I love the most about Meredith Mentors is that it’s a physical representation of the Meredith Network. Seeing so many alumnae connect to current students and offer advice reminds me that I will still have the support of the Meredith community when I graduate and for the rest of my life.

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