What the “Little Black Ring” Means to Me…

On Friday, October 18, 2019, the Class of 2021 had the long-awaited opportunity to place their very own onyx rings on their fingers. The Young Alumnae Board has presented a ring to one eligible student for the past 18 years. The 18th Annual Class Ring Essay Contest winner’s essay is shared below.

The beautiful yet simplistic class ring that Meredith women long for from the day we step on campus has come to mean so much more to me than just a shiny black ring. For me, the onyx represents family, is a symbol of community, gives me hope for the future, and reminds me of home. When I slip my class ring on my finger, I will first think of my mom, who, as an alumna, introduced me to the strength of Meredith women and instilled that in me as I grew up. I will also be reminded of the love and support my family has given me to receive the education and opportunity I have at Meredith College.

Then, when I look down at my onyx, I will be encouraged by the community that surrounds me every day including the 22,000 alumnae across the U.S., a network of women that exemplify strength daily; my peers on campus who encourage me; and the Meredith women that will come after me. I will look down at my onyx and recollect meeting my little sis for the first time and showing her all Wonderland has to offer: Cornhuskin’ practices in the parking lot, late hours in the library, endless traditions, and lifelong friendships thanks to the community that Meredith College is and will always be for me.

As I turn the Meredith seal to face the world on graduation day, I will be hopeful for a future that finds success, joy, and love as a result of the opportunities, growth, relationships, and strengths Meredith College has given me. Then every day from there on out when I look down at my little black ring, I will remember my forever home at Meredith College no matter how far I wander outside of these gates.

Written by Victoria “Tori” Brook Thompson, ’21

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