Progress Report: The Meredith Lake

Below is an update originally shared via email from Dr. Jo Allen.

Talks at the end of August with North Carolina’s safety engineering leadership confirm that the Meredith Lake project has been reviewed by the staff and is now on the chief engineer’s desk for final review/permit approval. While we do not have an exact date that the review will be completed, we anticipate hearing results within the next week or two. 

Once we have the State’s permit and are sure we have covered any stipulations they have made, we will submit the erosion control permit application to the City of Raleigh. Meanwhile, our construction contractor is reviewing pricing to update any costs from the original submission estimates. We still believe we are in good shape with the funds our generous alumnae and friends have made for renovating the lake, but we will have further information in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience. We are as eager as you to have our beautiful lake back (and to have a fine celebration of its return!).

The featured image shows McIver Amphitheater prior to a serious mechanical issue that resulted in drainage of the lake. 

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