A ‘Strong’ Addition to the Margaret Bright Doll Collection

Now that we’ve welcomed the Class of 2019 into the Meredith College Alumnae Association and to life ‘beyond the back gate’ it’s time to introduce a special member of their class. On April 17, 2019, the Class of 2019 enjoyed an evening filled with wise words from many wonderful alumnae, an Alumnae Association Induction oath, and the introduction of a new doll. Read below to learn about the newest addition to Meredith’s Margaret Bright Doll Collection.

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah-Cate Joy Strong, and I am a proud member of the class of 2019!

I have a double name like some of my class of 2019 sisters. The first part of my name, as well as my blonde hair and blue eyes, are a reflection of my amazing class president, Hannah Kicklighter. Hannah has been our class president since freshman year, and has been a wonderful role model, friend, and sister to all. The second part, Cate, is the building in which our class studies, grabs a snack or coffee between class, or purchases one of our many tshirts! The Cate Center is where many of my sisters hang out and has recently been through some major updates and renovations! My middle name, Joy, reminds my sisters of our first Cornhuskin’ when we “Experienced Meredith Inside and Out”; although we focused on all of our emotions with this theme, JOY is the emotion I have felt most throughout my time here! My last name represents the new brand that Meredith created during my freshman year, “Going Strong” and reminds my sisters of their unique strengths that have flourished over the past four years.

My outfit is what you’ll see many of my sisters wearing out and about in Raleigh. My maroon sweater is not only stylish, but is a way to show off my Avenging Angel school spirit. My blue jean skirt was a trend in the 90’s and has come back around in my college years. My black knee high boots add another touch of the MC colorsand are a popular choice for any outfit! I am wearing colorful acrylic earrings to represent a new fashion trendand to show how diverse and fun my class is! I wear a blue ribbon bracelet in honor of a very special member of my class, Macy Messer. Macy has made the traditions at Meredith extra special, and 2019 is lucky to have her. My pearl necklace is cute and classy…“Rare as a diamond, classy as a pearl, nothing compares to a Meredith College girl!” Lastly, you won’t catch me without my class ring onbecause no Meredith Angel is fully dressed without her onyx!

In my backpack, you will find lollipops which are reminiscent of the best memories in Wonderland with our little sis class. Class of 2021, it has been so SWEET to love you these past two years, and we can’t wait to keep watching you grow. You will also find a laptop to represent all of the hard work my sisters and I do in our classes here, and to remind one of my makers, MaryClaire, of her time spent designing and working on computers. The dance shoes remind my other maker, Kirby, and her fellow dancers of the many hours spent in the dance studio for classes, MDT, and MJTCO! The rainbow ribbon tied around my bag is to show love and support for our LGBTQ community. The last object in my backpack is a nightcap from senior year Corn with an odd ball attached. This reminds my class of our hard work at practices, is a shout out to our co-chairs, Erin and Alicia, and is a shout out to our ODD class and our four class odd balls: Viana, Mary Ray, Olivia, and Erin, whom we all love so much and keep us laughing at every tradition!

I hold a balloon arch above my head for many reasons. This balloon arch is what welcomed me and my sisters’ home four years ago and has shown up at many special events. The pins you see are in honor of our four Cornhuskin’ themes: Experiencing Meredith Inside & Out, Stronger in the Witchhood, Bling Ring Bonanza, and It’s been a Dream on Cloud 19! You also see a “Never Been 3rd” pin, since our class is so unique that we never placed 3rd in Corn! We did, however, win the spirit stick and 1st place senior year, which is what our trophy proudly represents.

As my sisters leave Meredith College, I will remain on campus to remind them of the place where they learned to be strong and grew into the women who are capable of achieving their dreams. I am confident they will do so, and I can’t wait for them to come visit and tell me all about it!

2019 Class Doll Co-chairs: MaryClaire Dawson and Kirby Forbes

Do you remember your class doll? To view the entire collection on-line and learn more about the history of this tradition visit http://infotogo.meredith.edu/archives_dolls. You may also visits the dolls in person on the 3rd floor of Johnson Hall.

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