Meredith hosts Southern Smash

Meredith hosted the nonprofit group Southern Smash on March 25th for the third year in a row.  Southern Smash aims to raise eating disorder awareness and promote positive body image. Students spent the morning decorating weight scales and then smashing them to pieces with baseball bats.

Program coordinator and Meredith Alumna Elizabeth Friedman, ’16  says it is a great way to empower women and men to celebrate and embrace true beauty.

“They get to smash the scale, which is just symbolic of smashing the stigma around diet and weight and beauty,” Friedman said.

“I smashed the scale today to promote body positivity,” Lewis said. “There are so many pressures on women to be concerned about what their weight is what they look like, and it’s very hard to break that mold and break out of that.”

“It is a great way to blow of stress and everything,” sophomore Megan Jones said. “Smashing the scale is basically saying it’s not my worth. It’s not who I am as a person, and I am worth so much more, honestly.”

Southern Smash Meredith smashed 37 scales and endless amounts of weight/beauty/eating disorder stereotypes!


You can find the full story here:

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