Throwback Thursday [and an Invitation!]

Were you a member of the Monogram Club? We just love this picture of a group of club members that we found when going through archival images of Meredith athletics.The club was sponsored by the Athletic Association and last made an appearance in the 1968 annual. Students taking part would record the date and activities in which they had participated and once they reached 1000 points, would be rewarded with the M for their blazer or sweater at a once-a-semester banquet. With each additional total points (400 in the 1940’s, 500 in the 1960’s), they could earn a star (1940s) or charm (1960’s.) Points were awarded for participating in on campus sports and activities (archery, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, swimming, skating, softball, bicycling, riding, field hockey) as well as off campus in a casual, possibly less competitive activity (i.e., “riding bicycles with her boy friend.”). Our Archivists suspect there may have been some other variations as time passed. They also reminded us to remember that MC wasn’t necessarily involved in inter-school sports, so this was a campus reward system for participation in inter-class and club activities.

We’d also love for any of you past athletes (or fans!) to join us on Saturday, February 2nd for an Alumnae Athlete Reunion. Enjoy the basketball game against Methodist University at 2pm, then join us for dinner in the Cate Center. You can register here!

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