Join Us for Alumnae Reunion Weekend!

blog post 3.22

The Alumnae Reunion Weekend brochure came out last week and was emailed to all of us.  The weekend of May 19-21 I will celebrate with my classmates the 45 years I have been out of college.  Or maybe I should put that another way—-I will celebrate the four years I spent at Meredith with the women who shared it with me.  We will stay in the dorm and laugh, cry and mourn those of us who are gone.  We will party in the quad and at the Player’s Retreat and help fill in each other’s memories of events that took place long ago and feel the same today.  And we will mingle with generations of Meredith women who have more in common than we realize except when we come together in that one place that binds us to each other.

Not a year goes by that I don’t dream I am moving into the dorm for a fall semester or that I am late with a term paper.  Clearly my college years held so much joy and so much fear that they are forever with me!  And the faces and names of my classmates are forever 21 in those dreams—-they never change.  We come to reunion weekend to celebrate our young lives and the wonder we all felt about what lay ahead.  It doesn’t matter to us where we have been or what we have accomplished in the meantime—-just that we are there at Meredith together again.

Please join us—The Class of 1972—and all the other 2s and 7s when we come back home this May.  I promise you it will be fun!

Claire Sullivan Slaughter, ’72
President, Meredith College Alumnae Association

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