Looking Toward College Summer Seminar

Do you know any high school girls who are interested in learning more about Meredith College or how to apply to colleges?  We can help!

For 39 years, Meredith College’s Looking Toward College summer seminar has given high school women a glimpse of what college is really like, and helped them prepare for an effective college search.

Guided by experienced and knowledgeable Meredith staff, participants will:

  • Clarify their values.What does she want from her college experience?
  • Explore possible careers.This can help a student determine which college is right for her.
  • Choose the right environment.Figure out where they will thrive, academically and socially.
  • Learn more about the college application process.
  • Acquire skills to help with college success.Prepare for the academic demands of college by building strong study, time management, and communication skills.

Participants will also have plenty of time for fun – and staying overnight on Meredith’s beautiful and historic campus is a great way to get a sense of residential college life.

Questions? Contact Wina Wood  at (919) 760-8521 or visit our website to learn more and register online.

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