The 1891 Club reaches 300 members!

The 1891 Club, Meredith’s Student-Alumnae Association, has had an exciting start to the year. The Office of Alumnae Relations has been busy increasing the club’s membership to over 300 students in addition to planning exciting and engaging events for the members. The purpose of the club is to help current students prepare for lifelong relationships with the College as partners, advocates, and investors.

The 1891 Club’s luau themed kick-off event this year was held on September 3rd. Students enjoyed an inflatable slip n’ slide, pizza, popcorn, music and Pelican’s SnoBalls. The second event of the year was a Miss America Viewing Party held on September 13th. Over 100 students attended the event to cheer on fellow 1891 Club member and current Miss North Carolina, Kate Peacock. Crowns and popcorn were provided for all who attended.

This is only the beginning of the fun to come this year for the club’s members. Future events include a Campus Kitchens service project, student-alumnae networking event with Networking Angels, exclusive Alice in Wonderland and Founders’ Week activities, and an end of year celebration.

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