Meredith’s first 23+ Reunion a huge success!



Meredith23Plus-103“The activities began with registration and visiting in the Rotunda at 11 a.m., then continued with lunch in the dining hall with faculty and staff members.  Dr. Allen spoke, and also Dr. Poslusny.  Their presentations included the video of Meredith’s new brand and the strategic plan of the college.  We also had short presentations by representatives from the Nutrition Department, the Strong Points Program and the Meredith Abroad Program.  We had campus tours and then a reception at the home of the President to end the day. “Encore” provided the entertainment at the reception.  It was a fulfilling day for everyone.

Meredith did a fantastic job of welcoming and entertaining this group of alumnae who had never before been invited to the campus as a group. The first 23+ Reunion was a huge success, and I hope these gatherings will continue in the future.”

-Sandra Close, ’86

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  1. This is great- thank you! Can we make sure the attendees see this through an e-mail to them? It is a great time for them to see a follow up about that day! Let me help if I can Thanks again- Sandra

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