Alumna Referral – Refer a Student

Greetings from the Office of Admissions!

The Office of Admissions would like to utilize alumnae to identify and encourage prospective students to apply to Meredith.  The alumna referral process is for alumnae to identify prospective students who would be a good fit for Meredith.  A student’s application fee will be waived once she is referred by an alumna.  We hope this process will generate more applications and encourage students to visit campus.  Alumnae can access the referral form by visiting and clicking on the “Refer a Student” link.  Once an alumna submits the form, the Admissions and Alumnae Offices will receive the referral form.  The Admissions Office will keep a record of the form in hopes that the student will apply to Meredith.  If you know a student who would be a great fit for Meredith, please visit this website to complete the referral form!  Please don’t hesitate to contact Anna Buryk if you have any questions.  Thank you for continued support of the ARMS program and for referring potential Meredith Angels!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

-Anna Buryk ‘09

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