Military History Exhibit Opening Event- Neustadt Collection

On Monday, September 30, at 10 a.m. in the Carlyle Campbell Library, Meredith will hold a ceremony which formally presents the Neustadt Exhibit, a military history exhibit featuring toy and miniature soldiers on loan from an alumna’s family.

This ceremony will feature President Jo Allen, alumna Ginger Alexander Neustadt, Regent of the Samuel Johnston Chapter of the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution, Hannah Thornton, undergraduate researcher who has developed the exhibit pamphlets and labeling, and collector Bill Neustadt.  The exhibit features scenes from the American Revolution, which ultimately led to the Constitution. Patriotically themed refreshments will be served.

The Neustadt Collection is a military history exhibit made possible by the generosity of the Neustadt family in cooperation with Dan Fountain and John Kincheloe.  Bill Neustadt, husband of alumna Ginger Neustadt, ’05, began collecting miniature soldiers early in life and has combined his hobby with a lifelong passion for history.  The pieces on loan in the Carlyle Campbell Library have become part of an exhibit dedicated to many periods of military history but with a particular emphasis on the great colonial conflicts leading towards the American Revolution.  Scenes from colonial conflicts between the British and French as well as the British and American colonists are featured in exhibit case displays of Fort Ticonderoga and Redoubt #10 from the Battle of Yorktown.  Other cases present examples of military events, uniforms, weaponry and notable figures from many eras of warfare.

The exhibit is on display in cases on the main floor and second floor of the Carlyle Campbell Library and will continue throughout the fall 2013 semester.

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