How to Hire Meredith Students

Would you be interested in hiring a Meredith student for part-time tutoring, babysitting, house-sitting or pet-sitting?

Meredith alumnae and the residents in the surrounding community may request Meredith students for babysitting, pet-sitting, house-sitting and tutoring positions.  The first step would be filling out the job form at

Please select the link entitled “Child, Pet, or House-Sitting Job Opportunity Form” or “Tutoring Job Opportunity Form”.  After this document is filled out and submitted back to our office at, we will post the document on Blackboard (internal student access website) and students will directly contact you if they are interested in the position.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Nagel ’10 at the Office of Financial Assistance at (919) 760- 2829 or check our website for more information.

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