Summer Reading Author Participates in English Department Programs

As part of her visit to Meredith’s campus, author Gwendolyn Oxenham treated students in the department of English to an inspiring discussion of writing and creativity. Oxenham spoke about the process of crafting her memoir, Finding the Game, and shared writing tips and prompts to help students enliven details in their writing. The author also advised Meredith’s aspiring writers to read as much as possible, reminding them, “No one can become a successful writer without reading great writing.”

Afterward, Leslie Maxwell, ’01, introduced a lunch-time discussion about the creative process, where Oxenham answered question from students, faculty, and alumnae. “There were times I was grateful for the written medium,” Oxenham told a faculty member who asked about her transition from film production to writing. “There were some wonderful moments we didn’t get on camera, and the book gave me a chance to include those moments.”

Students who attended the class and luncheon were inspired by Oxenham’s passion for writing and teaching and enjoyed the chance to work closely with the author. “As a writer, I often feel self-conscious about allowing the eyes of others to review my work,” said Skye Hakes, a communications major pursuing a minor in professional writing. “But Ms. Oxenham assured her audience than any good writer goes through this conflict of the mind and heart.” English major Julia Tilley said that Oxenham, “reassured me that I can find a story to write about. And once I find it, I have to commit to it with all my heart.”

– Ashley Hogan

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