The Meredith Fund: End of Year Update & Meredith Mayhem Winners Announced


Meredith College now has a 20% alumnae donor participation rate! Thank you to everyone who contributed this year – each of you made a difference for Meredith College. In addition, faculty and staff giving is at 50%! These numbers will make a huge difference for the College, by giving us an advantage when we apply for grants from corporations and foundations.


 I am pleased to announce that the Class of 2012 is our Meredith Mayhem Winner for 2013! Woot! They exceeded their goal by the greatest percentage. Their class year will be printed on our Mayhem Golden Corn trophy, which will live in the parlor of the Alumnae House in a place of honor, and they will be invited to dinner at the Massey House with President Allen.

Here’s how the top ten shook out:

Rank         Class Year

1.               Class of 2012

2.               Class of 1950

3.               Class of 1953

4.               Class of 1970

5.               Class of 1956

6.               Class of 2003

7.               Class of 1982

8.               Class of 1977

9.               Class of 1973

10.             Class of 1986


Greatest Alumnae Participation Overall – Class of 1954 with 65.8%

Greatest Number of Donors Overall – Class of 1977 with 102

Greatest Number of New Donors – Class of 2010 with 9 (A new donor is someone who has never given as an alumna before this fiscal year. We excluded the Class of 2012, since ALL their donors were new.)

We will have prizes for the donors in each winning class, so look for a special Meredith treat in your mailboxes in the weeks to come.


-Erin E. Cleghorn, Director, The Meredith Fund

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One thought on “The Meredith Fund: End of Year Update & Meredith Mayhem Winners Announced

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  1. Erin, this is wonderful news, and I am so happy that the class of 1986 is one of the winners!  We have had trouble getting our participation rate up in the past, and I am very proud of them. You are doing a great job as Director of the Meredith Fund.  I hope you are enjoying it.  Please tell everyone at the Alumnae House hello for me, and I hope to see you soon- Take care- Sandra Close


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