Goodbye Wonderland, hello real world!

In the words of 2013 class president, Michelle Cox, “I have been told by many alumnae that this moment should not be a moment of lasting goodbyes but of forever hellos.  It is time my friends, it is time for us to turn our rings to face the world.   Time for us to put into action that which we have learned.  Time for us to turn the page on this chapter of our lives.  As our bodies part today, our souls remain intertwined in a sisterhood only a Meredith angel can understand.  So my friends, lets turn together a new chapter in our lives.  Congratulations, my friends… I cannot wait to see how far our lights will shine.”





Congratulations to the class of 2013!  We are so proud of you ladies and are very excited to welcome you with open arms into the alumnae community!  To view a video from the 2013 commencement  please click here.


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