Happy Last Day of Classes!

Today marks the last day of classes for the spring semester on the Meredith College campus.  Tomorrow will be Reading Day and exams begin on Thursday, May 2nd!  Do you remember the rush of emotions during the final days on campus during your senior year?  Can you still feel the excitement from sophomore year as you completed exams and got ready to hunt for ivy and daisies?  As the students wrap up another busy, exciting and challenging school year, we thought it would be fun to share some of the Facebook status updates and Tweets from the current students.

“Last day of classes for my freshman year…wow, that’s crazy! So thankful for everything that God has blessed me with during these past months. I couldn’t be any luckier than to have spent them at Meredith College” – Tia Joyce, ’16

“Three years down, one to go. Hellllo senior year!” – Cady Leigh Carawan, ’14

“Hard to believe that I’m finished with undergraduate classes at Meredith College. These 4 years have gone by way too quickly! But Meredith has been more than just a school – it’s given me my best friends, new experiences, and the greatest memories that will last a lifetime. So thankful that I chose Meredith College.” – Zelle Brown, ’13

“4 years ago I didn’t know where a single building was on campus. Now I could walk to all of them blindfolded. Happy Last Day of Classes, 2013!” – Kelsey Davis, ’13


Meredith College Landscapes

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