You know it’s springtime at Meredith when…

Spring is my favorite season on the Meredith Campus. Grass greens, trees bud, days lengthen and the end of a long winter is near.

This time of year is a firm acclamation that we made it through the often-depressing winter months. The spring weather allows us to get out and experience the campus in ways not possible during the winter quarter. The beauty of nature reviving is wonderful to observe. True, one might have found pleasure enjoying the many winter vistas available from many of our historic buildings. But that pleasure is fleeting–when the temperature is approaching freezing!

For those who, like me, must frequently escape their office for a stress-relieving walk, the weather is welcoming and can yield unintended discoveries. The campus is yours to explore! 

Take a walk by the iris garden at the front gate. Our school flower takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow.  What more fitting flower for our campus and its students and alumnae than this: we all represent a rainbow of diversity.

Stroll by the gazebo behind Jones Chapel and sit for a moment. You can’t help but find a peaceful moment or two surrounded by nature and its beautiful flowers.   

Springtime flowers at Meredith also evoke memories of past Class Days and Commencements of old and not so old! 2013 is now gearing up for their senior Class Day and for Commencement; one of the biggest milestones in their young lives.    

For me, Class Day was very significant, and I remember it like it was yesterday.     My friends and I stood at the amphitheater after commencement rehearsal realizing this would be one of our last days together as relatively carefree students. We were also bursting with pride that we’d made it to this day, and looked forward with enthusiasm as our chance to ‘set the world on fire’ as new graduates approached with each passing moment.

On behalf of all Meredith Alumnae, we wish the Senior Class of 2013 nothing but the very best of luck in all you do!

– Elizabeth Dove, ‘84, President, Meredith College Alumnae Association


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