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1951 - with astro mascot - dorothy allen anderson collection

Members of the Class of 1951 pose with the Astro Mascot on the front drive of campus.

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  1. Philaretian and Astrotekton Literary Societies were organized the first year of Baptist Female University, 1899. In the beginning, student were divided by last names, i.e., half whose names began with “A” were in one society, half in the other, continuing through the alphabet (Mary Lynch Johnson, A History of Meredith College, 2nd ed.,72). It is not clear when Rush Week began. In 1906, the societies published Oak Leaves and the Acorn (Johnson, 133). Other early activities included an annual essay contest, operettas, plays and debates (Johnson, 132, 154).

    In 1950, “Literary” was dropped from the names and by 1961-1962 the stated purpose was “social activities of fun and fellowship” (Johnson, 283). By the 1970s they had become service clubs; however, in 1976, leaders “questioned whether Billy Astro and Milton the Bear would ever arise from their present lethargy” (Carolyn C. Robinson, The Vision Revisited, 98).

    There is no mention of Astrotekton Society in the 2012-2013 Student Handbook, but this entry is found under Service Organizations: “Philaretian Society promotes bonds of sisterhood between members through a variety of service projects in the Meredith and Raleigh communities.”

    – Martha Fonville, Meredith College Archives

  2. Loved going to Ridgewood beyond that back gate in the early ’70’s! So sorry to hear no Phis or Astros. Hope the Astros are the “odds” now!

  3. I love this picture! I was in high school during this time, and really looked up to the beautiful college women! Thanks for sharing. Sandra Close-’86


    1. Hi Anne,

      We do not have the Phis and Astros any longer. The big on-campus rivalry now is Odds & Evens. As I understand it, the Odds/Evens relationship is very similar to the Phis/Astros!

      Thanks for your comment!

      -Office of Alumnae Relations

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