Tisha Duncan, ’99, celebrates the release of her new children’s book

Assistant Professor of Education Tisha Duncan, ’99, visited Quail Ridge Books for the release of her latest children’s book, “Myrtle the Blue-Eyed Turtle,”  on Saturday, January 12. Dr. Tisha Duncan is the author of “My Dirty Cat Mutt” and “Myrtle the Blue Eyed Turtle”.

New ImageLeft to Right: Cashwell Jenkins, ’12 Anna Williams, ’12, Dr. Tisha Duncan, ’99, Emily Parker, ’12 and Sydney Sauers, ’12

This photo was taken at Quail Ridge Books where Dr. Tisha Duncan read aloud her newest children’s book, “Myrtle the Blue Eyed Turtle”. Several of her previous students, now first year teachers, from the Class of 2012 were there to support her.

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