Young Alumnae Board Recap of Cornhuskin’

One of the most exciting weeks of the year for many Meredith College students is usually the last week of October into the first Friday of November. Signs and posters appear all over campus adorned with pictures of corn. Soda cans fill large bags in the parlors. Students walk around like zombies sleep deprived and covered in paint from their props. Cornhuskin’ takes over campus!

As an alumna, I watched the parade this year with envy. I wished I was the one walking under that balloon arch again, or singing to my little sis from the second floor of Johnson Hall.   But, instead, I do the next best thing. I participate as an alumna.

The Meredith College Alumnae Association hosts an Alumnae Picnic every year following the front drive parade. What a great opportunity to share in the excitement of Cornhuskin’ with other alumnae and their children and guests! We may not be apart of the student body anymore, but Cornhuskin’ still brings out the same emotions in us!  In addition, members of the Meredith College Young Alumnae Board, with the help of the Alumnae Association, passes out Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the students during the class competition before the main skits.

This year we also saw the addition of a new seating area specifically for Meredith alumnae: Alumnae Hill.  In this reserved area alumnae were able to catch up with old classmates and visit with alumnae of all class years.  In addition, the Alumnae Office also provided us with our very own light up toys!

Even as alums, we still love to celebrate Cornhuskin’!  Below you’ll see a few pictures from the afternoon and evening on campus celebrating one of our most beloved traditions.

-Nicole McGuinness Hines, ’08, Vice Chair, Young Alumnae Board

Photos courtesy of Christina Mendenhall, Magnolia South Photography

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