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The bathtub ring sings at an event. The bathtub ring was founded in 1968 by the Class of 1970. The first performance was by Betty King, Ayn Sullivan, and Peggy Timmerman for Phi Luau during Rush Week

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  1. It was a dream fulfilled to be an honorary member of the BTR! The BTR is inherited by even year classes – I was very lucky, as a member of the Class of ’73, to have been asked to do some guest appearances. I’m holding a lyrics sheet, because I was called up at the last minute, and didn’t know the songs!

  2. I have such fond memories of seeing the bathtub ring perform duing my years at Meredith. Do they still perform?
    Camille Stell, Class of 1984

    1. They do still perform! They most recently performed at Cornhuskin’ and they did a great job. In fact, if you happen to be local, please join us for the Alumnae Worship Service on November 28 at 10am. Members of the current BTR and the most recent 2012 BTR will be performing at the service!

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