Young Alumnae Board: Move-In Day Recap

On Move-In Day at Meredith College there is a buzz of excitement in the air. Even after graduating in 2008, when I drive down the front drive and see the balloon arch and signs and hear enthusiastic welcomes I still get goose-bumps and usually tears. How could anyone not be excited to move in with a welcome like that?

Move-In Day 2012 was so successful. The Young Alumnae Board has manned the drink station for many years now, and each year we are so thrilled to see the new faces and families on campus. Passing out drinks to hard working moms, dads, and siblings, this year we saw entirely new faces that were quite out of the ordinary for Meredith College’s campus. A group of volunteers from NC State’s Delta Sig Fraternity were on campus helping our Angels move to campus. These helpful frat boys were wearing shirts that said “NCSU <3’s MCGs” ! They were an awesome addition to the day as well as to our newest Angels.  Although we all know there are countless NC State/Meredith connections, we found that one of the brothers from the fraternity is the son of an alumna from the class of 1982, one brother had a grandmother and an aunt who attended Meredith, their service coordinator is the son of an alumna (who married her own state guy shortly after her graduation from Meredith) and their chapter adviser is now married to an alumna from the class of 1967! What a small world it is!

Members of the Young Alumnae Board also handed out a move in day gift to the incoming students as we have for many years now.  This years gift was a set of Meredith College playing cards.  However, these were not just your average, run-of-the-mill playing cards.  These cards were designed especially for the Class of 2016 and on the back of each of the 52 playing cards was one thing to do before graduation- a bucket list of sorts.  “Study Abroad.”, “Get involved with your class and attend your class meetings.”, “Recite the Prologue to Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.”, “Learn how to shuck corn and call hogs. SUEY!” and the list goes on…

On behalf of the Meredith College Young Alumnae Board welcome to the Meredith College Class of 2016!

-Nicole McGuinness Hines, ’08, Vice Chair, Young Alumnae Board

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