Hello from OmniVisions!

Hello fellow Meredith Alumnae! My name is Jessica Canter and I am a winter ’09 Meredith Graduate. I received my Bachelor of Social Work degree with a concentration in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Meredith College which prepared me for where I am right now….about to receive my Master of Social Work degree with a certificate in Gerontology from East Carolina University. Meredith not only prepared me for what came next educationally but also what came next in life after college.  Currently I am doing my final internship at OmniVisions in Raleigh; an agency that provides nationally recognized therapeutic foster care and adoption programming for children of all ages throughout North Carolina as well as home and community support to adults with developmental disabilities.

We believe that every child deserves and supportive and loving family and by partnering with faith communities, schools, and other community agencies, we hope to raise awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families in North Carolina as well as seek to provide the most comprehensive services and supports for families who chose to open their home to a young person in need. May is foster care month and we invite all Meredith teachers, staff, students, and alumnae to help us in our efforts to raise awareness for the need for foster and adoptive families throughout North Carolina!

I invite you to learn more about Omnivisions on our website, http://www.omnivisions.com. If you or someone you know is willing and able to open your home and change the life of a child please call the OmniVisions office! We sincerely appreciate your time and support in the efforts to raise awareness for foster care in our community!

Best Regards,

Jessica Canter,  ‘09

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