Dancing With The Stars & The Meredith Connection

April 9th turned out to be a special day all around.  Not only did I get to attend Dancing With The Stars with my daughter but I was also able to meet Miss North Carolina – Hailey Best.

Between dances at the Dancing With The Stars set, the emcee walked up to this group of women (no sashes…just group of beautiful women sitting on the 2nd level) and while talking to them, he mentioned the different ladies (Miss NC, Miss….). I then perked up when I heard “Miss NC”.

Afterwards, I happened to find myself standing next to this group so I asked, “Where is Miss NC?” and Hailey spoke up!  We were unable to take a photo at that time because all cell phones and cameras are confiscated before entering the set.  As we chatted and I learned that she was from the Sanford, NC area (she also said that she was awarded her a car for the year of her reign – so Sanford!).  As we continued talking, I discovered that she currently attends Meredith!  No matter where you are in this world, when you meet a fellow Meredith “sister”, it feels like family!  We then ended up at the Dancing With The Starts after party where this photo was taken. She is a doll and we all had a great time…what a small world!

– Sharon Nixon-Escochea, ’79

Sharon Nixon-Escochea, ’79 and Miss North Carolina, Hailey Best, ’14

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  1. Sharon–It was so much fun to receive this text from you while i was in Sansapolcro, Italy with the Meredith Tuscan Intensive “Piero della Francesco” group! I showed them your pic and told them about your experience! What fun! lSo glad you posted here, too! And BTW—Hailey is from my hometown of Goldsboro!!!

  2. Yea, that’s me. HA! One correction…not sure where in NC Hailey is from, but Sanford Toyota gave her access to a car for the year of her reign…go Sanford! : )

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