Class of 1955 Wins Meredith Mayhem Fundraiser

Meredith’s Class of 1955 has claimed victory in the 2012 edition of Meredith Mayhem, the College’s annual class giving competition.

The fundraising effort, created in 2011, builds on the popularity of the NCAA basketball “March Madness” bracket competition and raises money for The Meredith Fund. To win, classes must have a higher percentage of participation than the other class in their bracket that week.

The Class of 1955 won the competition with a participation rate of 54%. The class nearly doubled the 25.3% participation rate it had at the beginning of Meredith Mayhem. Twenty other classes increased their participation rates by 10% or more during Meredith Mayhem.

The competition ran February 20 through April 2. Sixty-four Meredith classes were ranked based on their giving participation between July 2011 and February 2012.

The donors from the winning class will receive a dinner with Jo Allen, ’80, president of Meredith College, and an artist’s rendering of a Meredith campus scene.

The goal of “Meredith Mayhem” is to engage the spirit of class competition to increase Meredith’s alumnae giving percentages. Last year, 20 percent of Meredith alumnae gave back to the institution, up from 17% in 2010.

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