How to Be a ‘Good Cookie’ this September!

It’s September – a month that brings happy thoughts of fall, being together with friends on campus, the beginning of Cornhuskin’ planning, and the fun of football games. But September is also National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. And thanks to one very determined, unstoppable Meredith alumna, we now all think of kids fighting cancer when September arrives.

When 2 ½ year old Liam Witt, son of Gretchen Holt Witt ’89, was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, Gretchen and her husband were shocked to learn the main reason over 25% of kids diagnosed with cancer do not survive is because of lack of effective therapies. And the reason for lack of therapies is very simple – lack of funding. They pledged to support the development of new and better treatments by giving people a simple way to get involved. Their answer was ‘Cookies’ and specifically the launch of  Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to support new types of treatments and therapies for pediatric cancer by inspiring individuals, businesses and communities to host local bake sales.

Many members of the Meredith community have gotten involved in Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sales all across the US. Several bake sales in the Raleigh area have been planned and organized by Meredith alumnae, staff and friends. Led by a Meredith alumna, the Charlotte area is filled with 30 days worth of bake sales in honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. A bake sale organized by a recent Meredith alumna in Greensboro was held in honor of Liam Witt. Current Meredith students have gotten involved and helped to write thank you notes to bake sale hosts all across the United States. Thanks to Gretchen’s many talents, another new way to get involved is by purchasing Cookies for Kids’ Cancers first cookbook, Best Bake Sale Cookbook. The book hit the shelves on September 12. The cookbook is also available on 100% of author proceeds from this book will go directly to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer which in turn helps to support pediatric cancer research and treatments. OXO Goodgrips is also selling limited edition Cookies For Kids’ Cancer spatulas – these are available through as well.  Our ability to make an impact is limitless and while not all of us have the time to hold a bake sale of our own, we all have the opportunity to get involved on some level.

Our challenge to you, Meredith alumnae? Be a good cookie and get involved! Then, come back here and post a comment telling us what you’re doing to help make a difference.


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