American Girl in Paris: Meet Natalie Riddick, ’12

Hi y’all! My name is Natalie Riddick and I am a senior at Meredith! I am currently studying abroad on Meredith’s first ever Fashion on the Move program.  This program is taking me as well as 10 other fashion students around the world to see what fashion is like in other cultures.  We are stationed in Paris, France for most of our time abroad and are studying at the Paris American Academy.  In the middle of September we will travel to London for five days.  Then a little later in October we are going to Barcelona, Spain.  Our last little trip before we leave Paris is to Italy.  While in Italy, we will be traveling to both Milan and Florence.  After classes and exams are over (around December 2nd), we will be departing from Paris and traveling  to several different stops around the world.  Our first destination is New Dehli, India.  From there we will be heading to Singapore for a day of exploring.  Next we head to Melbourne, Australia to explore the fashions of the Aussie’s.  We will then leave Melbourne and head to Sydney for a few days of relaxation on the beach and sight seeing.  Our last stop before Raleigh, North Carolina is Los Angelos where we are going to be linking up with a Meredith alumna and meeting with future job prospects.

This opportunity is absolutely amazing and is an experience of a lifetime!  I can’t wait to share bits and pieces with all of you. Thanks for reading!

-Natalie Riddick, ’12


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