Photo of the Week!

It’s fall 1953. The man in the middle is President Carlyle Campbell.  Becky Calloway, ’55 is on his left;  she served as the president for the class of 1955.  To Dr. Campbell’s right is Marian Lee Campbell, his wife.  Here they can be seen welcoming new students at the reception given each fall.   The 1953-1954 Student Handbook contains a section called “Your College Wardrobe,” where students are advised to bring “long dinner dress or formal evening dress.”   Some of those dresses can be seen here.  Students are also told that “tailored dresses, skirts with blouses or sweaters to match, and suits are worn to class.”

Dr. Jo Allen welcomed the class of 2015 to the Massey House this past week during their orientation week.  The class enjoyed a tour of the Massey House as well as a picnic dinner.

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